Renske is a Counselor and a medical doctor. She graduated from Auckland Medical School in 1990 and has spent most of her medical career in general practice. In 2002 Renske graduated with a Diploma in Counselling using the Psychosynthesis model which now supports her work as a Counsellor and MindBody therapist in her private practice. The model Renske uses is based on her Psychosynthesis Counselling training, mindfulness meditation, and her study on the AUT MindBody Healthcare programme.

“Exploring the meaning of our symptoms can be a helpful way to give a voice to our vulnerability, with a view to making positive change in our lives. Although there is seldom a ‘single cause’ for illness, exploring the connection between the mind and the body can be the one part that we can usefully do something about.”

Renske commonly works with a wide range of physical conditions including auto-immune conditions, sexual difficulties, chronic fatigue, pain, digestive problems, allergies, and frequent illness. She also works with people experiencing depression, anxiety, eating difficulties, relationship challenges and negotiating life crises. Renske also supervises Doctors and other health professionals, and she leads several Balint  Supervision groups.


Dip Counselling (Psychosynthesis)
New Zealand Association of Counselling

Accredited Balint group leader